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Your Software-Engineer for Digital Transformation

Renick Büttner – IT-Engineer and Certified IT Expert

With Staffbase, I am living the digital transformation in the IC industry. Together with my strong partners, I have been supporting numerous customers and projects for over 10 years. From consulting, implementation, system migration to long-term support, my customers and partners rely on my expertise and reliability.

My service

Digital Solutions

Since 2014, I have been managing web-based projects as a freelancer for my clients.

Media Informatics

Dual study program in Media Informatics at the Berufsakademie Dresden. Insight into various areas of computer science and media design.

Subject supervisor

Recognition as a practical partner at the Berufsakademie Dresden, as well as training and support of apprentices and students in my field of expertise.

IT certification

Certification according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 as an IT expert (systems and applications) by DEKRA.

Expert in Digital Transformation

Assisting numerous SMEs and agencies with their IT transformations, ideas, and challenges. From databases, e-commerce, native apps to IT consulting — the digital transformation begins whenever you are ready for it!

182 Domains

Over the years, my clients have entrusted me with numerous domains.

138 Projects

I have been involved in projects, or I have implemented them.

> 150.000 km

Multiple times across Europe, wherever my clients need me.

> 30.000 kWh

High traffic results in a significant amount of kilowatt-hours (kWh) flowing through the servers.


Current Topics and Articles

My blog reflects current topics from our everyday life. From step-by-step guides to in-depth reviews and discussions about future trends. Mostly articles written in German available for now.

Latest Posts



  • Laravel

    For timely and customized solutions, RAD (Rapid Application Development) is a suitable approach. Laravel is a reliable framework for building scalable applications. 

    • Freedom to choose concepts (MVC, REST)
    • Long-Term Support
    • A vast ecosystem
  • Shopware

    We have already implemented numerous online shops using Shopware. Through our CMS integration, Shopware becomes a comprehensive platform for E-commerce and marketing. 

    • Platform approach (API-First)
    • Utilization of modern technologies
    • Made in Germany
  • OctoberCMS

    OctoberCMS provides a solid foundation for Rapid Application Development (RAD) of web-based software. The CMS can be modularly adapted to individual requirements.

    • Rapid Application Development
    • Customized User Experience
    • Over 8 years of experience with it
  • Capacitor

    Capacitor enables running web apps natively on iOS, Android, the web, and more, using a single codebase and cross-platform APIs.

    • Cross-platform interfaces
    • Utilization of native device interfaces
    • Accelerated app development