Synology Conference: What's New in Video Surveillance

Synology Conference: What's New in Video Surveillance

On April 11, 2024, we had the pleasure of participating as partners at the Synology Video Surveillance Conference in Munich. Noteworthy was also the announcement of three new models of Synology surveillance cameras, which once again offer deep integration of hardware and software. Thus, Synology continues to move forward consistently!

The topic of video surveillance is indeed more complex than one might initially assume. Modern surveillance systems are no longer just tools for blunt monitoring – they are also intelligent security and automation solutions. For example, there are numerous event detection functions that can automatically respond to specific situations, such as entering non-public areas or recognizing vehicle license plates to automatically open barriers.

Personally, I am very impressed by the innovations presented. They show that Synology is not only striving to keep up with the technical demands of the times, but is actively shaping and driving innovation. We ourselves deploy various Synology solutions with our customers, as well as internally.

What did Synology have to showcase at the conference?

During my visit to the Synology Conference 2024 in Munich, it quickly became clear that Synology places great importance on seamlessly integrating their cloud offerings into their own software. Right from the start, Synology emphasized that the hosting is based in Frankfurt, meeting all data security standards and is duly certified. Personally, I find it very reassuring that Synology offers deeply integrated solutions. However, my clients and I primarily use Synology to avoid using cloud solutions altogether. Interestingly, the shift towards valuing cloud options is noticeable even among those who traditionally avoid cloud services. The opinions I gathered on-site about the cloud were somewhat reserved. Fortunately, Synology still provides us with the freedom to choose.

During the presentation, the various applications were introduced, and the smart analytics capabilities were highlighted. Practical examples were shown that illustrate the potential of this technology. I was particularly impressed by the software's ability to detect violations of workplace safety. For instance, if a construction worker is not wearing a helmet, an automatic warning can be issued, significantly improving workplace safety.

Another forward-thinking feature announced is the ability to pixelate people's faces. This is particularly relevant in public areas where bystanders might inadvertently be captured on camera. In addition to pixelation, auto-tracking was introduced, which keeps one or more persons within the frame, enhancing surveillance efficiency.

The introduction of two new camera models, a wireless WiFi camera and a fisheye camera, showcased Synology's technological breadth. The fisheye camera FC600, ideal for ceiling installation, offers a 360-degree view and is equipped with various I/O interfaces, such as for pairing with a smoke detector. Furthermore, improvements are being made in people and vehicle counting as well as in enhanced display and analysis capabilities.

By the end of the year, the launch of the BC800Z is also scheduled. This camera features an impressive optical zoom of 2.13x and a Starlight Sensor, which allows for high-resolution 4K recordings at 30fps even in low-light conditions. The variable viewing angle from 122 to 47 degrees depending on the zoom, the IK10 certification against vandalism, and the license plate recognition running on the camera are among its key features.

What practical examples did Synology present?

At the Synology Conference, impressive customer examples from a variety of industries were presented, ranging from retail stores to schools and even a prison. I was particularly impressed by the scalability of the Synology solutions, which demonstrated how flexibly these systems can be adapted to the most diverse needs and environments. It was detailed which and how many models were in use, and interestingly, not only the newest devices were operational.

A striking example of the technology's application was provided by a parking garage operator who controls barriers in numerous German parking garages using license plate recognition — a method that could also be of great interest to companies with private parking areas for employees or visitors.

The presence of numerous Synology customers and partners, including representatives from the police, underscored the broad interest and potential of modern video surveillance solutions in various societal sectors.