Glare-free through the night: Tesla finally rolls out the Matrix LED update

Glare-free through the night: Tesla finally rolls out the Matrix LED update

Tesla recently released a significant update, 2024.08, for its vehicle fleet, unlocking the full capability of the Matrix LED headlights. The Matrix LED technology promises to significantly improve the driving experience at night and under poor lighting conditions.

Matrix LED headlights are known for their ability to dynamically adjust the light distribution without dazzling oncoming traffic. By using numerous individually controllable LEDs, the system can specifically illuminate or dim certain areas of the road. This allows for optimized lighting that adapts to road conditions and the traffic environment.

Tesla has been installing these types of headlights since the Model Y. However, until now, they could only switch between two levels of glare: a dipped and a high beam mode. Tesla has now provided the corresponding intelligent software that can selectively obscure other road users — video example at the end of the article.

Tesla Model Y:
Finally, Matrix LED headlights with the right software!

The previous high beam automation of Tesla vehicles left much to be desired and was considered problematic, especially among truck drivers. Teslas were known to cause glare on highways and motorways, as they only dimmed the high beams with a significant delay or, in some cases, not at all automatically. This flaw led to some inconveniences for other road users.

With the 2024.08 Over-The-Air software update, this issue is now being addressed: Vehicles equipped with Samsung Matrix LED headlights are finally receiving the appropriate software. This update enables the new Model 3 Highland and many Model Y vehicles to adaptively control the high beams, dimming or brightening them depending on the traffic situation.

To illustrate how the Tesla Matrix system works, a video was recorded with a Tesla Model Y Performance from Giga Berlin. The video clearly shows that vehicles ahead, as well as oncoming traffic, are excluded from the high beam's reach, yet all surrounding areas are well illuminated. Driving at night in the Model 3 Highland or Model Y is now significantly more pleasant and safer — in my personal opinion as a Model Y Performance driver!

The following observations were made in the last few kilometers:

  • High beam stays off with good street lighting
  • Finally better visibility at night (both within and outside urban areas)
  • Swift dimming of oncoming traffic or preceding vehicles
  • No dimming for pedestrians or cyclists