NIO vehicle won't start? Tips and Tricks!

NIO vehicle won't start? Tips and Tricks!

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly important. In addition to technological advancements, there are also some challenges. An example of this is the Chinese automaker NIO, which has attracted attention in recent years for its innovative electric vehicles. Compared to others, NIO has very good and mature software. However, even with such advanced vehicles, occasional problems can occur, such as the phenomenon of a NIO vehicle not starting or not moving.

We have been testing our NIO EL7 in everyday life for some time now and have a few tips. Nomi, our digital assistant, is always friendly but also likes to refuse service from time to time.

NIO Electric Cars: Why Isn't My Vehicle Moving?

When dealing with modern electric vehicles like those from NIO, there are numerous reasons why your car may not start immediately. Often, a simple solution such as restarting the vehicle can remedy the situation. This method resets the system and can resolve many temporary errors.

Car Key Battery: Another important aspect is checking the battery of your vehicle key. If the battery is depleted, it is advisable to use the NFC key card to unlock and start the vehicle. Removing and reinserting the battery temporarily can also help. Here's how you can change the battery.

Phone Key Issues: Additionally, note that Bluetooth connection issues, especially when using an iPhone, may prevent ignition activation. In such a case, it may help to lock and then unlock the vehicle again using the NIO app. This action activates remote ignition and could resolve the problem.