How does one behave with the Apple Vision Pro in public?

How does one behave with the Apple Vision Pro in public?

Who still remembers the time when there were no voice messages? Back then, the idea of speaking messages instead of typing them seemed like a small revolution. The first brave souls who spoke with their smartphones in public garnered more than just a few puzzled looks. Similarly, the first users of AirPods experienced this. They were seen talking in the street without a visible phone in hand or to their ear – a scene that made many a passerby do a double take. But all that is in the past now, and it has become completely commonplace!

Now, it's the Apple Vision Pro that's once again causing incredulous stares. As with any innovation that fundamentally changes the way we interact with our surroundings, there's a period of adjustment – both for the users and for everyone else. The Apple Vision Pro is no exception. It promises to further blur the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds and open up new possibilities for how we consume, share, and experience information.

Future Vision or Reality?
The Apple Vision Pro as Part of Our Daily Lives

Our Apple Vision Pro has finally arrived after many hours of flight. The question we face is not only whether we want to use the Apple Vision Pro in public, but more importantly, how we can do so in a way that is pleasant for both us and the people around us.

We have therefore considered... An important aspect here is respect for the privacy of others. Augmented reality offers incredible possibilities, yet we must always remember that not everyone shares our enthusiasm for this technology or feels comfortable in the presence of an AR headset. It's about finding a middle ground between enjoying the new possibilities that the Apple Vision Pro offers and respecting our surroundings.

Apple describes the Apple Vision Pro as the first Apple product you look through, not at. And here, I can personally understand a fundamental problem. By wearing the glasses, I am pointing many cameras at my surroundings. Who am I observing? Who is being photographed or filmed by me?

Here, at least, Apple has found a similar solution to what Snapchat did with the Spectacles (sunglasses with a camera) – a visual indicator.

When filming with the Apple Vision Pro, a white veil covers the outer display. Whether this is sufficient will be seen in the coming months.

How do I behave with the Apple Vision Pro?

I personally spend most of my time in my private office, but occasionally I return to the open-plan office. In such moments, I place great importance on empathizing with my colleagues. I always strive to be open and transparent, especially when I meet them or start a conversation. Out of respect for my conversation partner, I then remove the Apple Vision Pro to signal that my full attention is on them and not on potential digital distractions like tweets.

In face-to-face meetings, I completely refrain from digital experiences, also out of respect. I imagine that in the future, we might have the ability to generate automatic summaries with digital support, provided all participants agree.

An unwritten law in our office states that people wearing headphones do not wish to be disturbed. I want to maintain this principle when using the Apple Vision Pro as well. This also prevents one from being startled unnecessarily by sudden shoulder taps.

My current resolution is to take a digital break every 30 minutes and remove the headset for at least five minutes to give my eyes a rest. Just like with smartphones, I make sure not to record bystanders without their consent. There is hardly anything worse than finding oneself unwanted in someone else's photos. Keyword: social media.

Over time, I am sure to find more principles which I will gladly share in a later post.