Smart Home: Using Chinese and European Gadgets Simultaneously

Smart Home: Using Chinese and European Gadgets Simultaneously

Xiaomi has established itself as a manufacturer in the smart home sector. Their range extends from lighting solutions to household appliances. However, many of these gadgets are not available in Europe, but can be imported via platforms like AliExpress or Alibaba. These Chinese originals cannot simply be added to the European Xiaomi Home app.

An example is the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Plumbing Blanket, which can only be set up via the Chinese server. Unofficially, there may be apps that support both servers simultaneously – but personally, I advise against all third-party apps!

We show how quickly and comfortably both worlds can be used within the Xiaomi Home app.

How to Use European and Chinese Xiaomi Gadgets Together

To be able to add gadgets on the Chinese server of the Xiaomi Home app, start on the home screen and navigate through the "Profile" menu item to "Settings". There, select "Region Settings" and change it to "Mainland China" to confirm the server switch.

The language settings remain unaffected by this. After switching to the Chinese server, all Chinese gadgets can be added, but with significantly longer loading times. The latency to China is then noticeably present!