Everyday Life: Can You Walk the Dog with the Apple Vision Pro?

Everyday Life: Can You Walk the Dog with the Apple Vision Pro?

Since its launch, the Apple Vision Pro has attracted a lot of attention for its ability to merge the digital with the real world. One question that probably no one has asked yet is whether it is practical and safe to walk a dog with the Apple Vision Pro. Being genuinely curious about how well the technology works, I decided to conduct an experiment myself.

First of all, the Apple Vision Pro enables a unique interaction with the environment through Augmented Reality (AR). You can display directions, messages, or the weather directly in your field of vision without having to hold your smartphone. This could, in theory, make walking your dog easier since you have both hands free to take care of your four-legged friend. A great way to further occupy your attention span – for example, comfortably watching a YouTube video while your dog joyfully leaps across the fields. (Attention, humor)

The biggest concern is that immersion might distract your attention too much from the real environment and your dog's behavior. It's essential to pay attention to traffic, other people and animals, and your dog's needs while walking. Focusing too much on digital content could potentially lead to dangerous situations!

Augmented Reality: A Walk with the Apple Vision Pro

To make it clear: The Apple Vision Pro is not designed to be freely used in nature as of now. Its primary environment consists of stationary spaces or modes of transportation where one stands or sits in place. To test the limits of what's possible, my dog and I went for an evening walk. First off, it was noticeable that in poor lighting conditions, the noise is quite visible. Unfortunately, you cannot see far into the distance, faces are blurry, and oncoming cars cause significant glare.

My dog behaves the same with or without the Apple Vision Pro, perhaps because she is already used to me wearing sunglasses. When moving, the apps remain in place, which means I have to hold an app the entire time I'm walking. This cannot be changed yet, and a simplification for the future would be desirable. The Apple Vision Pro easily connects to the mobile hotspot, and I can start my YouTube videos directly. Despite the distraction of a video, I can keep an eye on my dog. The difference between watching the video on the phone or on a huge screen in front of me is enormous. Do I think it's sensible?

No, not at all. I don't think that, in its current state, the software is practical enough to do something productive while walking. The risk of losing sight of the dog for too long is just too high for me.