ChatGPT: Creating Texts with Source Citations

ChatGPT: Creating Texts with Source Citations

ChatGPT is much more than just a text generator; it serves as a creative partner in brainstorming and has extensive ideas on any topic. ChatGPT becomes particularly valuable due to its ability to provide sources for specific statements, making it an efficient tool for students and anyone who needs to substantiate their arguments with evidence.

Interaction with ChatGPT is done through prompts—individually formulated requests that are not rigid formulas but can be flexibly tailored to the needs of each individual.

For those who work regularly with language models, it is advisable to save successful prompts since ChatGPT starts anew in each new chat window and does not remember preferences. The more precise a prompt is, the better the response will be.

The combination of ChatGPT and reliable sources

I would like to introduce some examples of prompts to you. These serve as inspiration and starting points for your own experiments. Feel encouraged to get hands-on and refine the formulation of prompts yourself.

For example, you can change the topic or structure the request differently to see how the system responds. This process of experimenting and adjusting is not only exciting but also educational, as it provides you with a deeper understanding of how ChatGPT responds to different types of inquiries.

ChatGPT Prompt Toolbar beneath each response You can find the toolbar beneath each response from ChatGPT.

Tip: In the toolbar, you have a clipboard icon that allows you to copy the response to your clipboard and paste it, for example, into a Word document. The icon with the circle lets ChatGPT generate another response if you're not satisfied with the previous one.

You can use the following prompt to get inspiration for a topic of your choice. Simply replace the topic. Try running the prompt multiple times to compare different results.

I want to write a journalistic article about whether Tesla produces the best electric cars at a fair price. 
Please provide me with possible arguments, evidence, and statistics. 
Create a bullet point list. 
Create 4 suggestions for creative headlines. 
Write two or three sentences of explanation under each bullet point. 
Also, provide sources with links for each point.

We have run the prompt multiple times and recorded a few responses for you. We executed the prompt once in offline mode (ChatGPT 4) and once in online mode 'Web Browser,' where ChatGPT can freely access current internet pages.